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Everytime:Every time I close my eyes I see you, feel you breath & touch my arms……..Every time I open my eyes I see all the people is you………Can't forget you try to sleep & wake up without seeing you….Hear your voice …….see your smile, can't forget anything make me happy from you….Your love is all what I need & always will be….May be my dreams will come true if you'll help me to make it true…& still every time I see youI love you with all my heartNo one can tear us apartI really love you yes I do I can't explain how I feel about youWe are meant to be I love you and you love me I love you more then you'll ever knowI never want to let you goBut I will hold on with all my heart No one at all will tear us apart For you are the one I want to holdIn the hot and in the cold You turn around and close the doorAnd then there is no more I love you more then you'll ever knowI never want to let you goYour love to me is likeThe light of sunriseDancing on the dew covered grass And soft rose petals Swaying gently in the early morning breezeMiles away from civilizationWith only the sounds of nature To be our love songSo take me by the handAnd lead me to the depths of your heartWhere we can dance As gracefully as the swans on waterSo swim with me In this sweet serenityAnd let our love Carry us away beyond the starsTo a place of joy beyond bliss Together in each others hearts I don't know what to say to you anymore,It's like you just shut the door,On everything that we were,And you left me alone,Now I'm crying through the phone,That you never answer,How could you leave me,Now I'm falling so fast,And I think I knew it wouldn't last,And that we're done,How can I move on,You were the only one who really cared,Now I'm alone,And the only thing I can do is cry,I'm tired of crying,I'm staring of staring at the phone,It never rings,You never talk to me anymore,You don't even care,I thought I'd see it coming,But it got here early,You left me standing there in the rain,And you even help me get through the pain,Everytime I see your face,It gives me chills,Everytime I hear your voice,I swear it kills,And right in the place I thought you kept safe,Yeah that's right you stabbed through the heart,And now I'm alone,The pain,I feel,It feels,Unreal,I didn't know one person could hurt this much,And I know,That you're,The one,I can't even stand the thought of your touch,It's so cold,Don't leave me out here alone,I swear I'll die,All there's left to do is cry,There's nothing I can do,I'm defenseless,I cannot help it,They're trying to get to me,And i have nothing to defend myself with,Please help me,Please help me,But no one's there,'Cause I'm aloneWhen I'm with you, my sky's are not blue.It's not empty or cold like havin the flu.It's full and complete like hearts skip a beat.When holdin your hand as walkin along the beach its like smooth sand washin beneath your feet.As days go by get thick and thin, makes me realize where I've been and where I'd wanna be.With out you by my side,Loves lost and undefined.Since I've meet you, everything's changed life has became better, and nothing to rearrange.You always say i love youlike that fixes everythingyour so used to winning but i wanna say forget you you left my heart out in the rain forget youyou turned your back on me when i needed you the mostforget you you left me crying in the rain forget you but I STILL LOVE YOUHand Holding YoursBreath Quickens With Each StepWalking Beside You Not Enough Time Left Except For One Last KissI Want To Make This Memorable I Want To Make This TrueSo As We Lean Close I Whisper I Love You

raman85 on 2012-07-23 23:49:17