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What is YOHYOH?


YohYoh is a showcasing portal. Everyday thousands of users showcase their talents, products and skills in YohYoh.Elements to showcase in YohYoh is never limited. You can showcase Images, Videos, Audio, PDF, PPT and text files. In the present era where publicity rules, YohYoh is the best place to get famous in short span of time. Everyday hundreds of business people increase customers, students get jobs, talenteds get opportunities by showcasing in YohYoh.


Create amazing showcases of your skills/services/hobbies/interests/products in seconds.Your Showcase will reach millions of YohYoh users instantly.Apply creative image effects and tag your images.Share with your social network and Get Liked.

Earn Rewards being a YohYoh affiliate

People say " Content is King ". We strongly believe in this. We not just believe but reward those users who posts good content,get likes,comments & followers. Yes, often we conduct some contests to encourage users and their content.



  • Interface is sprouted to excite people with showcasing. YOHYOH encourages good content.
  • YOHYOH doesn't encourage unauthentic content (Which is not genuine and original).
  • The content should be clear.
  • Doesn't accept comments which hurt someone, unwanted issues, nudity and personal hates.
  • Notify us if your feelings/faith/belief got hurt with any content or pictures.

How to Showcase


Just signup in YOHYOH and your showcase page is ready; it is as simple as that! Add content using Upload feature. You can upload images, extract images from your web pages, add video links, and write text of your choice. YOHYOH came up with new feature to record your things on the page itself. You can do video mails with it. The uploaded content will be displayed in your showcase, after moderation it will be displayed in main page.

  • Signup by entering your email ID and get password to your Email Inbox
  • Login to yohyoh and upload content by clicking upload
  • Click on your name on the top right to view your showcase
  • Increase your circle by getting Followers, Likes, Shares and Comments to your showcase

It's that easy !

Promote your showcase across web by sharing,tagging,likes,comments.Generate media,grow your user base and increase your promotions.Use our tips and help section to extend the reach and visibility of your showcase and campaigns.Tag your images to provide more information about your products.

Amplify users to your showcase

After creating your showcase develop your network by following others and making others to follow you, so that your regular updates or images will be visible to your network in all activities, thats how you can increase more user base, sales & revenues


Sign up

Sign up in three seconds to become a YOHYOHian. Enter your mail id and click signup.


Login using your YOHYOH Id or using your Facebook or Gmail or Yahoo user credentials.You will receive your password in your mail box right after you sign up with your any email Id's.

For Example: xyz@yahoo.com


If you like something in YOHYOH, You can express it by clicking on like button. If others like your content the liked pictures will be viewed in their showcase, so that your content will be moving around and the content is automatically shared with the number of views and likes in your showcase.


You can follow any number of YOHYOHians who has common interest to see updates regularly and comments will also be shared when you follow the user.


Find comment box below images after login and comment using healthy words as your comments will be visible to all the million people around the globe. In order to comment, you can find the comments button under every image.


Just a button makes a lot of change. You can share your content to all other YOHYOHians and all other networking sites just by clicking the share button under each and every image. The YOHYOH team has made an extraordinary effort to share in 300+ bookmarking sites.

Your Showcase Page

After login you will be able to see your showcase page and can modify accordingly to your interests. The page you design can attract millions of followers.

Tagging - How to tag and use of it

Add your own tag to the image. Login,click on the image, you will be navigated to large image page,click on the image, form will be displayed, fill the form with your required links and save.You have your tags ready.

By tagging you can display information like maps,video links, hyperlinks, images, social network pages to the users on a single image.User gets more information and less navigates. Click to see the Demo

Image effects

In large image page click on "Play with Image" button, use image effects option and make your images more attractive. Click to see the Demo

Frequently Asked Questions


Why showcase my talent in yohyoh.com?

Showcase your talent, reach millions of people in YOHYOH and get recognized. You will be branded across the globe and may get a job with it or part time work or may find buyers for your products, services. You can find people with common interests to get appreciations and feedback. YOHYOH pages are constructed in a way that you can expose 100 things to a single view shot of a user.

How to search in YohYoh

Click on the search icon in the header. Then enter Keyword, Category, Country, City and hit search button on the bottom.

We Showcase for you

Enter your Email ID, website and showcase name. We will make a showcase for you with the content in your website.

How to see pings in yohyoh

Login and go to showcase page. In showcase page click " Pings " on the top bar. There you can see pings by clicking on " Ping Me Messages " tab.

How to see chat messages

Login and go to showcase page. In showcase page click " Pings " on the top bar. There you can see your chat messages by clicking on " Chat History " tab.

How others can see my private images ?

Your private images are only visible to you. But you can send the links of your private images to anyone so that they can login and see your private images. For this go to your private images, click on " share " at the bottom right of the image and enter email address, finally hit " Send to friends ".


In YohYoh, uploading formats are not limited. You can upload images, videos, audio files, PDF's, text and even youtube videos, extract images from facebook and other websites.

Upload Images

Login to YohYoh. Click on the camera icon ( first from left ) in the upload box in header to upload images.

Extract images from websites

Login to YohYoh. Click on the link icon ( second from left ) in the upload box in header to extract images.

Upload audio files

Login to YohYoh. Click on the audio icon ( third from left ) in the upload box in header to upload audio files.

Upload Videos

Login to YohYoh. Click on the video icon ( fourth from left ) in the upload box in header. Then choose the Video type to upload videos.

Upload Text

Login to YohYoh. Click on the text icon ( fifth from left ) in the upload box in header to upload text.


Login to YohYoh. Write text in the text input in upload box in the header and hit enter.

Upload PDF's

Login to YohYoh. Click on the PDF icon ( sixth from left ) in the upload box in header to upload PDF's.

Fetch images from facebook

Login to YohYoh. Click on the Facebook icon ( seventh from left ) in the upload box in header. Then you will be redirected to login into your facebook account. Login to fetch images and upload in YohYoh

How can I showcase my talent to everyone?

If you start following someone, automatically your content will be displayed to them and their content will be displayed in your profile.

What is Vmail?

Click on "Start Recording" in your profile. The recorded videos can be viewed under your profile in All Activities section

How to follow other users?

The user can follow as many people as they wanted to. All you should do is go to the person's profile you wanted to follow and the click on the FOLLOW button.

How to like images?

You can like as many images as you want. Like symbol will be under every picture.

How to get more views and likes?

The user should upload more vibrant images and share the images to reach millions of YOHYOHians. The media you share should be the best so that the people follow you automatically with the content you add.

How to get into premium images category?

To advertise under premium images category contact support@yohyoh.com

Is YOHYOH free to join?

Yes, It is free to join and can sign up within 3 seconds.

How do I log-in?

You can find the sign in option on the top right corner of the page. Sign in with your username and type the password.

How do I search for my images?

You can search for your images in My Albums under SHOWCASE tab in your profile.

How do I contact customer support?

For suggestions and queries regarding YOHYOH you can contact us on support@yohyoh.com

What are all activities in your profile?

You can find Followed user activities, Following user activities, My liked images, My images - Users liked.

What are all activities?

Can see latest updates on users uploading content.

What is Showcase?

You can find Videos, Text, My albums and My own categories in your profile.

How to create my own category?

While uploading images you can create your category by clicking "create your own category" button.

How to find My Own Category?

In your profile under Showcase tab you click onto My Own Categories.

How to change my profile picture?

Go to "About" tab in your profile and click onto Add/edit option.

How to find my videos?

In your profile under showcase tab, can find your videos.

How to find all uploaded videos?

In categories you can find videos section.

How to search my photos?

In your profile under showcase tab there are my albums.

How to search content in YOHYOH?

You can type a keyword in search option or can find images in MORE categories list.

What is Time factor?

Users uploaded content by Today, This week and This month.

How to invite other people?

SPREAD THE NEWS!!! YOHYOH is free and you can invite as many as you want, just by clicking the invite button in your profile.

Where are my friends?

People who followed you and people whom you follow are considered as friends.


There are about 40+ categories and still growing everyday. Explore images of that specific category .You can categorize media content while uploading images. Make sure you upload in the same related categories as it can be very much easy to make others to follow your content properly.


Explore abstract news in different linguistics. There are about 8 categories from which an user can choose the documents written in their native language. YOHYOH designing features was developed to make the user feel more comfortable in all the linguistics.


Reach us if you have any issues technically. We encounter thousands of queries every day. YOHYOH team has developed to make the user feel very comfortable while browsing. Kindly allow us to resolve it as early as we can.

How to make my images private?

Login and go to your showcase. As you move your cursor on any image you could see a lock icon on the top right of the image. Click the icon to make your image private or while uploading images select private option in upload page.

Where can I find my private images?

You could find your private images by clicking on the private button on the top of your showcase.

How to make private images to public?

To make private images public, click on the public ( globe ) icon on the top right of the image.

What is the use of showcasing in YohYoh for bloggers?

Bloggers can drive huge traffic to their websites or blogs by showcasing in YohYoh.

What is the use of showcasing in YohYoh for Search Engine Optimizers ( SEO's )?

SEO's can get free natural backlinks and good visibility in search engines by showcasing in YohYoh.

What is the use of showcasing in YohYoh for sellers, retailers, whole sellers, business entities?

Showcasing in YohYoh makes your products more visible. Increase enquiries and sales by increasing user base to your showcase.

What is the use of showcasing in YohYoh for individuals?

Make a showcase in YohYoh and increase your popularity. You can showcase your talents, share, chat, build community and more.


  • YOHYOH is one of the fast growing web platforms. Millions of individuals & business entities are showcasing their products, services, talents.To find updates, likes of people, find best products, information for decision making.
  • Be part of YOYOH in creating a new world.
  • YOHYOH welcomes coders, analysts, digital business developers of different range of experts who invents new things and provides new platform to millions of users. We encourage invent new concepts and learning. You will have great fun with YOHYOH and can develop your domainexpertise. Employee stock options are introduced.
  • Hyderabad is a great city to live, to enjoy the place and food. The life style in Hyderabad is comfortable and cost of living is less compared to all major cities in the India. Be ready to fall in love with it.
  • PHP team lead above 6 years of experience.
  • Web designers above 8 years of experience.
  • Server administrators above 3 years of experience (Cloud).
  • PHP programmers with 3 years of experience.
  • Digital business development managers above 5 years of experience.
  • Digital business development executives above 2 years of experience.
  • Salaries will be comparatively better than the current industry.

Press Release


    Showcase your skills online

  • The Times Of India Hyderabad | In Print | Oct 31, 2012
  • The web portal, yohyoh.com, is an innovative digital showcasing platform launched in mid 2011 allowing users and businesses to showcase their skills, profiles, products and services... Read the entire article >>

Sitara weekly | In Print | Aug 14, 2013

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